The ii (Internet Identity) Group was founded with the purpose of helping individuals manage their professional and personal information on the World Wide Web. Being in control of your internet identity demonstrates that you want to make your mark on the internet and make that mark positive. Everyone has an internet identity buy few are in control of theirs.

The ii Group's experienced staff has worked for a high profile career consulting and management firm that, through years of dedicated service, has become a leader in the industry and provided guidance to professionals and executives exploring ventures in various industries. Over 100 years combined experience has prepared the ii Group for the unique challenges that you face in the 21st century.

In many ways, your internet identity is like your credit score. Having a bad internet identity is obviously not desirable, but having no identity can be equally damaging. A recent survey published by ExecuNet, Inc. revealed that in 2007, 83% of recruiters said they used search engines to uncover information about candidates. In addition, 43% said they eliminated a candidate because of the information they found on the internet. As David Perry, of Perry-Martel International, states, "What people haven't recognized is that nowadays they are the product and they have to manage their own brand." This demonstrates how important it is to generate relevant information about your accomplishments and affiliations, and ultimately lend to the branding of your name.

Due to the availability of information in this day and age, employers have the opportunity to find out much more about a candidate's personal life, accomplishments, affiliations or controversies. Whether it is that neighborhood block party last year, a personal blog you may keep, or other business prospects that maybe be seen as a conflict of interest, it is all out there just waiting to reveal your character. As Curt Monash points out in his article published on NetworkWorld.com, "The Internet WILL tell stories about you, true or otherwise." He has found that harmful information may be out there that you didn't know about or is not connected to your personal life. Monash details in his article the discovery of the website JLove, dubbed a Jewish dating service, that has created an enormous number of pages combining various first and last names, and claiming the people as members. Another way to acquire digital dirt unrelated to you is when someone with the same name starts racking up information. Whether it is someone who publishes controversial statements in their personal blog or has multiple infractions with the law, it could paint an undesirable picture to potential employers. What ii Group focuses on is ensuring that you provide an accurate and descriptive record of your own lasting accomplishments.